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Build My Collage

Creating a Collage is simple. First focus on uploading your pictures and make sure to identify your 20 most precious images so we can give them optimal placement on your very own Heart Wall!  Along with this upload of your pictures please include 2 additional pictures: one of the wall your heart wall is going on and one of a blueprint (hand drawn is fine) of your wall with detailed measurements!  Once this step is complete you will be asked to wait 48 hours to receive your final design. 

When your design is complete you will receive an email letting you know that your collage is ready for your review, color selection (you will be shown three options: black and white, sepia tone and full color), wallpaper choice and final approval!  Once you let us know that your heart is happy with what you see, we will make your design a reality! 

TIP:  Due to our goal of keeping pricing at a bare minimum, we are only able to consider one round of minor revisions to the collage design we create.

TIP:  If you choose to skip the step of identifying your favorite priority pictures, the My Heart Wall team will select up to 20 images randomly for you.

Choosing the Best Image for Your Collage

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