What to Look for in Buying Wallpaper

As consumers, we have a lot of choices. Even buying something as simple as butter warrants the need for choices to be made. Do I want salted? Non-salted? Do I want actual butter or the stuff that feels like butter but isn’t butter? Which is better?

The situation of choices becomes even more intimidating when you start considering re-doing your walls. You finally decide to use wallpaper… now what? Where do you start when considering the best wallpaper to choose for you?

My Heart Wall took all of these concerns into consideration when choosing its wallpaper. We print your picture collages on only the best, most high quality wallpaper around. And to prove it, we’re putting it up to the test against other wallpaper/mural creators on the market.

1. Toxicity

To cut costs, many companies use industrial ink that may contain chemicals that can hard you, your loved ones, and your pets.

My Heart Wall believes all walls should be safe for everyone; therefore, we print with only VOC-free ink that is also odorless.

2. Durability

Standard online companies typically use a thin, woven polyester for their material. The material is so thin it can fray more easily and are prone to glare from lights.

My Heart Wall wanted to ensure all walls are picture perfect and can withstand the test of time. Our 20 oz commercial grade wallpaper is thick enough to hide minor wall imperfections and provide for a uniform application. In addition, the thickness allows for it to be durable and cleanable. It’s also fire rated for safety. And our latex ink allows for long-lasting color without fading, even if touched by many hands.

3. Ease of Installation

Due to the thinness of many competitor’s products, they are very difficult to install. Many form bubbles and wrinkles during installation. Furthermore, when applied to a wall with imperfections, these imperfections can be clearly seen through the product. What frustrates customers the most is that the thinness of the material causes it to easily rip. When they are trying to reposition the product, the material can tear.

My Heart Wall’s wallpaper truly commercial grade and is twice the thickness of our competitors, allowing for easier installation and repositioning. The paper cannot be easily ripped, frayed, or torn. Therefore, it is easy to remove and reposition up to 5-7 times!

We are dedicated to making your wallpaper experience fun and stress-free. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at hello@myheartwall.com. We are sure we have the right wallpaper to fit your lifestyle.