Wall Galleries Get A Much Needed Upgrade

Wall Galleries Get A Much Needed Upgrade

We live in a culture obsessed with pictures. And not only do we love to take them, we love to display them.

A popular trend is to gather many picture frames and arrange them on a wall or in a staircase, also called a gallery wall. While this is a beautiful trent, we’ve heard complaints of dust and clutter due to the frames on the walls.

We have a solution! Upgrade your photo gallery with a custom wallpaper, from My Heart Wall!

At My Heart Wall we help you display your photos in a way that is beautiful and classic. Transform your space and share your photos without overwhelming your home.

Contemporary collage

contemporary 1.jpg


Graceful grid



That one staircase landing or sara’s wall?

sara wall.JPG

small 1.PNG

The process is so simple, even more so than a photo gallery wall! Upload your images and let our design team build your wall for you. iPhone photos, scanned photos, professional photos, whatever you have will work and the quality is excellent!

Memories are timeless and should be celebrated for days to come. Let My Heart Wall help bring your photos to life on personalized photo wallpaper.