The ULTIMATE Factor of Being Kid- Friendly!

Hold. The. Phone!

We recently posted about the top trends of playrooms, but we thought this one deserved it's own blog post: washable wallpaper.

It’s the essential you haven’t even realized you need! But you do. Trust us.

Many moms have installed a chalkboard wall in case your little one has the urges to draw on the walls, but that’s not the only thing to be worried about. As moms, we know there is much more that could “magically” appear on the wall…. food, mud, dust, hand prints from sticky fingers, etc. Name anything that a kid has been in contact with, it’s probably been smeared on a playroom wall at some point.

Normal painted walls are easy to mark up and sometimes difficult to clean without damaging paint. Regular wallpaper or vinyl decals can easily become damaged. However, in spite of these setbacks, My Heart Wall has found a solution! Our personalized wallpaper is durable enough to be washed with a damp cloth after any sticky attack.

We have photo proof that we put it to the test. Our fairy princess and unicorn joined us to help out.

As you can see, they were VERY eager to help out. We had cupcakes and frosting smeared everywhere.

But luckily, we had a courageous mother come in with a damp washcloth to save the day!

Ta-da! No more mess! :)

All of My Heart Wall’s personalized wallpaper is a durable, washable, VOC-free, fire-rated and treated with a microbial wash.

Don’t believe us? Try it out with your own Heart Wall today!

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