The Creative Directors of My Heart Wall Got Hitched!






Yes, it’s true our puppies have formalized their love for one another as of Feb. 17, 2017!  You may look at all of these pictures and think to yourself “these people have lost their minds!”  But in fact, we encourage you to view this puppy wedding a little differently!  The Mother Co-Founder of My Heart Wall has such great love for her daughter that when she said “Mommy, can the pups get married?”  Her Mommy answered with a resounding “Sure, why not!”




And so the planning began and we put our hearts into all of the adorable details!  We had amazing doggie treats from Wiggle Butz Bakery.  We had adult libations from Hoopla Winery and Thirsty Dog Brewing.  We even had fake grass and the name of our guests on paper bones!!  And don’t forget about our incredible cake from White Flower Bakery!  





At the end, our pups were thrilled and walked away with a Marriage Certificate.  The event was a success but here’s what we really hope you take from this….when your child asks you a simple question, listen.  You never know what kind of fun, creativity and memories will unfold right in front of you!  The My Heart Wall team is focused but boy do we love to have some fun too!  …..You never know, maybe an Anniversary Heart Wall is next!?