Playroom Trends You NEED In 2018

Top 5 Playroom Trends You Need to Adopt in 2018

Playrooms are awesome. They’re a great place for kids to unleash their creativity and energy. Whether it’s doubled into their room or a completely separate play space, playrooms are the HQ for daring story times and expressions of artistic talent!

We have compiled some of our favorite trends for decorating playrooms in 2018. Keep reading until the end because number 5 might surprise you!

1. Bringing The Great Outdoors Inside

This trends spans over various themes like animals, nature, plants, etc. And personally, I think this is awesome. Growing an appreciation of nature and animals at an early age develops wonderful curiosity and creativity. Plus, it’s important to have our next generation learn to love the planet they live on and work to preserve it. Your kids are going to have so much fun hanging out in teepees and learning the names of different animals. Let them release their wild sides!

Pottery Barn Kids has a variety of designer worthy teepees that no doubt would look great in your playroom.

(Also, check out our super cute My Heart Wall baby animal themed wallpaper!)

2. Artistic Space That Expands Past Paper and Crayons

The days of “no writing on the wall” rules are OVER! Having a chalkboard wall is a game changing life saver in the playroom. All you need is some chalkboard paint and chalk to help your child discover their artistic prowess.

You don’t even need to break bank for this! You can buy this can of  chalkboard paint from Home Depot’s for less than $10!

3. The Fun & Functional Storage All-Star

Playrooms seems to be in pristine one moment and then look like a tornado hit them 30 minutes later. Keeping a balance with storage can be hard. For one thing, traditional playroom storage is boring or ugly with cheap bins and boxes -- which is never fun. So to keep clean up time fun and storage functional while also maintaining interior design that even HGTV would approve of, turn to shelves and cute baskets! No joke! A fun basket on a shelf creates the perfect trendy drawer and gives all toys a post-playtime home.

If you’re like me and you already buy everything from Target, then get ready to add one more thing to your list! Target has a great selection of bins and baskets that you won’t be able to resist.

4. Full Wall Decor That Transforms a Space

By far, the HOTTEST trend in homes and playrooms alike right now is wallpaper. Whether it’s a full mural or even just different patterns, wallpaper designs are great for a cost effective way to bring life to a playroom. With My Heart Wall’s designs, you can take your playroom wallpaper game to the next level! Create collages of pictures with family and friends for a wonderful wall that reminds your kids every day they are surrounded by people who love them.

Get started on your own custom photo wallpaper at

5. The Ultimate Dark Horse in Playroom Decorating -- the POUF

Yes- they’re called POUFS. I put down money  that these things are the new Alexa or Google Home Mini of playrooms (though less high-tech). I see them popping up as must haves everywhere! You can find them in various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. They’re basically a large throw pillow of sorts where your little one can cozily pop a squat. The perfect alternative to chairs for seating and fort building. What more could you ask for?

Land of Nod offers a wonderful variety of posh poufs -- including even faux leathers ones!