My Heart Wall loves Fixer Upper!

As many of you have also learned in the past few weeks, Fixer Upper on HGTV will have its final season soon. We join the Fixer Upper loyal fan community in sharing our disappointment that one of our favorite TV shows is coming to an end.

However, My Heart Wall is all about embracing and celebrating great memories. Therefore, in honor of Fixer Upper’s great run on TV, we’re reliving some of our favorite interior designs with a fun twist, personalized wallpaper!

It continues to be our dream to someday work with the Gaines to create a room with a Heart Wall; therefore we’re excited to present our top 5 favorite designs from Fixer Upper. Don't you think these would look even better with personalized photo wallpaper?

#1: Quote Wall


Source: HGTV

What we love: We love the small nook look with a reading chair and light. It’s the perfect place for an accent wall.

Recommended Heart Wall:


To truly make this wall a standout accent wall, a Heart Wall of family pictures is key. Quotes are great, but a picture wall is worth a thousand words.

#2: Lovely Bathroom


Source: HGTV

What we love: The serenity of a simple half bath. The classic look would also mix well with some simple pictures for a homey feel.

Recommended Heart Wall:


We love celebrating family in a calming way with our Contemporary Collage photo wallpaper, in sepia or black and white.

#3: Rustic Dining Room


Source: HGTV

What we love: We adore vintage and farm inspired looks. The open feeling of the room makes it inviting and great for gatherings.

Recommended Heart Wall:


This room is a perfect match for a Miracle Mural photo wallpaper, in our sepia color filter on rustic Cabretta textured wallpaper. Are pigs not your thing? We can easily print any picture you submit. Why not try a stunning farm picture or a shot of your favorite four legged best friend?

#4: Stylish Dining Room


Source: HGTV

What we love: The room has a classic and timeless feel and is perfectly finished with chairs designed with a modern flare.

Recommended Heart Wall:


A part of our latest design collection, our Foodie themed wall is the perfect wallpaper for any kitchen or dining setting. Complement your scrumptious dishes with coordinating pictures of fruits, grains, vegetables, and spices. And with the perfect shade of a darker sepia tone, this wall will look spectacular.

#5: Calming Living Room


Source: HGTV

What we love: A nice open seating area. These rooms are perfect for unwinding with a book on a peaceful weekend or just having an engaging conversation with a loved one.

Recommended Heart Wall:

erin wall after.png

Our Classic Collage, the photo wallpaper that started it all, is a perfect choice for bringing a wall to life. Compile some of your favorite pictures and display them in a way that is unique and sure to delight. You can even order custom sizes, ensuring that your accented wall is as large or small as you’d like!

Overall, we’re wishing the Gaines lots of luck in their future endeavors. And we hope we can work with them someday as well. ;)

With a grateful heart,

The My Heart Wall Team