Etsy Fever

Happy New Year!!

Don't you just love the start of a new year? We sure do! We have no shortage of amazing projects and launches coming up that we can't wait to share with you. In the meantime, we've been talking with friends, family, and even customers about New Year redecorating! Whether you want to tackle a large project or just add a few more pieces to your cozy nest, we've got you covered with some unique Etsy shops. 

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A Fresh Start Right When You Step Inside

We cannot get enough of these clever mats! Get rid of the overused, generic "Welcome" and give your front door some personality. We find JPartyDesigns's mats perfect for expressing your unique home.

Adorable Soaps to Brighten Up the Bathroom

Cute soap bars are the perfect touch to complete your bathroom. You can change them to match the seasons. You can change them to match holidays. Heck, you can even customize them to be designed to match theme of your bathroom. With SeasideSoapKitchen, there are so many options -- you can't go wrong!

Hand-Painted Mugs to Add a Touch of Chic to Any Kitchen

Nothing feels more homey than a nice homemade cup of coffee in a lovely handmade mug. They're perfect gifts for others as well as for yourself. Treat yourself to one of these beauties from NoabellaandCo and let the relaxation sink in.


Hearty Accents for The Fixer Upper Fan of Your Home

In honor of the recent announcement for the upcoming arrival of the latest Gaines family addition, we've included RusticDesignWorks to our list. Their wood designs add the home on the farm accent feel that is so trendy these days. Get yours soon and see what the hype is about!

Wallpaper and Accent Walls for Any Room

And of course, last but never least, My Heart Wall! A wallpaper custom created from your personal photos is as homey and personalized as it gets!

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We hope you liked our list! Do you have anything to add? Shoot us an email at to give us any suggestions. 

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