Baby O's Corner: Holiday Edition

As always, the My Heart Wall family is extremely excited as the holidays approach. As you know from our products, we go big or go home, and this year we have gone completely Griswold style on the Christmas decorations.

Do you know who is the most excited about the upcoming holiday? Our co-founder, Baby O!

To spread a little holiday cheer, we sat down with Baby O to get her thoughts and advice on this merry season. (However, we never actually sat down. Baby O is always on the move).

Please welcome our personalized wallpaper company co-founder, Baby O!

What's your favorite part of the holidays?

The presents!! Guess what? This year I’m getting a purple AND pink AND orange unicorn!!! And I know I’m getting a big Elsa doll, but Mommy is hiding it in the store right now.

Your house is so festive! What's your favorite decoration?

Thank you. Did you see this? This is my elf on the shelf. Her name is Elfie -- and you MUSN’T touch her! My friend has an elf named Bubbles.

Why is she called Bubbles?

I don’t know. She’s just Bubbles.

Please note that this is Elfie, not Bubbles.

Is Santa coming to bring you gifts?

No, not right now. Santa is busy at the North Pole making the toys. He only comes on Christmas, duh.

Sorry, my mistake. When Santa does come on Christmas, what do you hope he brings you?

My purple and pink and orange unicorn!

“Umm...You didn’t know Santa only comes on Christmas?”

“Don’t worry, I know that. I just asked the question in a weird way. Sorry.”


What do you think are the best gifts to give mommies and daddies?

I got my mommy a present from the Santa shop at school. It’s a basket holding a baby. I picked it out myself and asked someone to help me pack it. I’m not sure if Santa was there or not. I don’t remember.

What's better: purple unicorns or My Little Pony?

Uhh…… My Little Pony. There’s this new My Little Pony I saw on my iPad that is a large Crystal Twilight. She even has a really pretty crystal horn. And she lights up and tells stories! It’s so cool.

What stories does she tell?

I don’t know. I don’t have it yet.

Good point. Anyway, what is the best candy to eat on Christmas?


“The pink ones taste the best, but I really also like this one and this one….Oh! Did you know I can count to 20?! One...two….”

If you could make one wish on Christmas, what would it be?

I have a cold right now, so I want to get better. But I don't want to waste the day in bed. I don’t have school, and I want to spend this fun day with mommy and daddy. But they said they have to go to work. Mommy even said she has to stay a bit longer. But when they come back, we can play together and re-decorate the tree.

As always, Baby O is full of love and cheer. We hope our little interview with her warms your hearts.

From all of us at My Heart Wall, we wish you all a very wonderful holiday season!