6 Tips to Picking the Best Images for Your Personalized Wallpaper!

You have committed to making a Heart Wall personalized wallpaper of your own, and now it’s time to get serious about the process and start gathering the perfect images.  

We truly want to help you create the most incredible personalized wallpaper for your home or office so here is a helpful list of 6 tips to consider when making these important image selections!  

  1. Get the Fuzz Out of There:  If you are considering an image that is even remotely blurry it just won’t work, so move on.  Our software will not detect clarity or focus so it is up to you to remove these fuzzy images.    

  1. Resolution is Key:  Resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image. It is also sometimes referred to by the width and height of the image in addition to the total number of pixels.  Click here to learn more about how to find the pixel size of an image.                                                                                              

If you are making a Classic Collage try to only select images that are 1000 x 1000 pixels or higher.  If you are considering a Contemporary Collage then we suggest a minimum of 1600 x 1200 pixels.  

Admittedly, the necessary pixel size will depend on the exact personalized wallpaper design you have chosen for yourself. If you’d like to confirm the best image resolution size before you start making your selections, please contact us at hello@myheartwall.com.

Examples of Image vs. Pixel Size

8” x 10” Image

1536 x 1024 min pixels

16” x 20” Image

1600x 2000 min pixels


  1. Identify the Mood of Your Heart Wall:  As you plan your Heart Wall ask yourself what overall emotion you hope for your personalized wallpaper to evoke.  Fun and Energetic?  Calming?  Romantic?  Vibrant?  Etc.  

    The answer to this ultimate goal will help you narrow down the images that make sense for your wall.  For     example, if you are making a vibrant Heart Wall for your child’s playroom, then avoid images with a dark     background.     

  1. Consider the Style of Your Room and The Wallpaper You Selected:  If your room is a bit more modern and you selected the Contemporary Collage, then focus on images that are a bit more clean and simple. Avoiding busy images is best for this overall look.  

If you are looking to make a Classic Collage and your space is rather traditional, then select images that focus more on the emotion of the wall instead of just the look.  

  1. Try to Focus on Images That Speak to Your Heart:  Nearly every Heart Wall installation has been met by happy tears and we want the same for you!  

Start by selecting the images that you know you will still love and want to display in 5 years from now.  This process may take a little extra time but it is well worth the investment!  

For example, if you have a grandparent that has passed away but you have an image from the first meeting with your child, add it to your group of selected images!

  1. Get Organized:  We highly suggest that you put all of your images in one place.  Based on our experience, a best practice is to utilize a Dropbox file for your selected images so that when you are finally ready to upload to our website it will be a seamless and simple process.

We know that life is busy, but trust us you will be thrilled that you dedicated the time to picking the perfect group of images and that will be reinforced when you finally see your Heart Wall personalized wallpaper go up!

In the meantime, we are happy to help you anytime just contact us at hello@myheartwall.com.