50th Anniversary Gift - Custom Wallpaper from My Heart Wall

50th Anniversary Gift |Custom Wallpaper from My Heart Wall

Some events are just way too significant to celebrate with a predictable gift, especially milestone wedding anniversaries!  

The tricky part to great anniversary gift giving is that it gets harder and harder to find a unique gift as time passes by, like a 25th anniversary Gift or even more so a 50th anniversary Gift.

Thankfully, there is a new product that was created with this exact problem in mind, by My Heart Wall! 

Image this, a custom wall filled with memories…. pictures from your wedding day, the birth of your children and grandchildren, with all of your favorite memories of the many beautiful years of marriage that you are celebrating.  My Heart Wall offers custom wallpaper by using the pictures that are most important to the happy couple.

This truly is a gift that any couple would love, and is a wonderful way to celebrate the journey of marriage.

We put our custom wallpaper to the test and helped a lovely couple celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with their incredibly adorable family! 

Our concept was simple, collect the happy couple’s favorite pictures and make them a timeless, custom collage wallpaper to help them memorialize their accomplishment in love and marriage. And we threw them a party too!

We started by working with the family to select family photographs covering years of great memories. Our team worked hand in hand with the family to create the custom wallpaper as a surprise.

We also planned an amazing party for the reveal.

We had a beautiful cake and whimsical macaroons from the best cake shop in the US, White Flower Cake Shoppe!  In addition, we made cute drinks, a simple flower bouquet, incorporated a cute “I DO” sign from Etsy and some custom jumbo confetti balloons from Shop Sweet Lulu (#partylikealulu) to match.  

The party looked great but the best part was the amount of smiles and laughs the entire family shared as their parents’ 50th Anniversary Heart Wall was revealed, all of which was captured by Genna Cameron Photography

And to give you a little insight as to the like-ability of this couple, everyone’s favorite picture on the Heart Wall was of the celebrated groom with a clown nose on his face in an attempt to entertain his grandchildren.

This 50th Anniversary custom wall did not fail!

We saw memories being brought back to life, laughter about what “used to be” and even tears of joy and moments of sheer pride.   

50 years of marriage is an incredible accomplishment and with that achievement a couple deserves to be celebrated.

We are convinced that My Heart Wall custom collage wallpaper is the perfect answer for romantic and thoughtful gift giving for any important anniversary celebration!