Repositionable/Removable Wallpaper is wallpaper with a self-adhesive on the back.

It is known for easy, DIY installation. 

Quality and Characteristics of Our Wallpaper:

We have chosen only the finest quality of wallpaper options for you to select from!  Although you can find cheap decals (basically stickers for your walls) from other companies online, we pride ourselves on a final product that exudes beauty, emotion and quality the minute you lay your eyes on it. 

Our wallpaper is a 20 oz product that is commercial grade.  It comes in 54" wide roles (which will end up closer to 48" when it gets to your home), therefore alleviating too many seams.  We also print all of our personalized wallpaper using an overlap seam (this may be something your installer asks).   

You can use a warm damp cloth to wipe off any dirt or dust that may appear on your heart wall due to the high quality integrity of our product.

Textures of Repositionable Wallpaper We Offer:

Caviar.  This option is best described as a suede effect.  This is our most popular selling repositionable wallpaper option!

Classic. This option is best described as a smooth matte look.  Perhaps best used in a more contemporary or modern design.

Ravello.  This option is made to reflect the texture of an artist's canvas.  This is also a very popular option and can be used with any style!

Installation of Your Repositionable Wallpaper

Disclaimer:  My Heart Wall does not assume any responsibility for installation that is not done correctly.  We highly recommend a professional installer handle the hanging of this product.

View/ Download Our Installation PDF HERE.

Preparation Tips for Your Heart Wall Installation:

1. All hanging surfaces must be clean, smooth and very dry.  If moisture is present then attempt to eliminate that problem prior to having someone hang your heart wall.

2.  For the best results, your next step will be to prime the surface with a universal, white-pigmented, mold inhibiting wallcovering primer.  If you have new construction we encourage the use of a primer that dries to a solid color to conceal drywall joints.

3. Make sure to only use a lead pencil to mark your walls or the back of your heart wall.  The use of a ballpoint pen or marker will bleed through the surface and ruin your heart wall.

4. We recommend hanging your heart wall in temperatures that are above 65 degrees F.  If you need to store your heart wall prior to installation, then make sure you store it in an area that is also above 65 degrees F for at least 48 hours prior to installation.

5. If you do decide to select a repositionable wallpaper make sure you keep your "relief liner."  A relief liner is a paper cover that goes over the sticky edge of your wallpaper.  This is a very important piece of advice if you think you may relocate this wallpaper at some point!