Frequently Asked Questions:

Getting Started:

Q: I'm super new to this. Can you give me a broad overview of what's going on?

It's understandable that this can be a lot to take in at once. To describe us in 3 bullet points...

  • My Heart Wall is a Cleveland based company that creates high quality wallpaper for homes and businesses using photos you submit to us.
  • My Heart Wall donates a portion of all our sales to organizations supporting children born with heart defects.  
  • Send us your photos, and we can design and create gorgeous wallpaper for you.

Q: I'm not that tech savvy, so this website is a bit overwhelming to me. Can a representative directly help me one-on-one?

We absolutely can! We love helping our customers out with their latest projects. Feel free to reach out to us at any time via email at We will return your inquiry within 24 hours!

Q: I sort of have an idea of what I want to do, but I'm not sure where to start or am not sure enough to pay everything up front right now. What can I do?

This is very common among our customer base. Many love the idea but are intimidated by it at the same time. And we totally understand. If you reach out to us at, we can answer as many questions as you have and find the simplest way for you to get started.

Ordering Your Wall:

Q: How can I get a quote for my collage? How does pricing work?

Overall, the collage is quoted on size. When you shop on our website or on our Etsy site, you are charged the full price upfront. For a mural or mosaic on traditional wallpaper, you will be charged $10 per square foot. For a classic collage or contemporary collage on traditional wallpaper, you will be charged $12 per square foot. For both of these options, if repositionable/removable wallpaper is desired, the cost increases by $3 per square foot.

These costs are based on two factors -- design and print.

If you are unsure about paying full upfront, you can request to have a design approved first before giving the "okay" to print. For this, please reach out to us via email at We will initially charge you the design fee of $2 per square foot for the deposit. After your design fee is approved, we will charge you the rest of the cost when we begin to print your design.

Q: I don't understand how to build a contemporary or classic collage, can you please lay out the steps?

Sure thing! Our Classic and Contemporary collages are custom tailored to each customer; therefore, these steps ensure that we can work with you to create the best product possible for your needs.

Step 1:  Go to the main Classic Collage page and click on “Build My Collage”

Step 2:  Input your desired width and height.

Step 3: Follow the prompts to upload all of your  pictures and take the time to identify your top 20 priority pictures. These pictures represent the ones that will be larger than the average picture in your mosaic and will have eye level placement.  At this point you will also need to upload an actual picture of the wall where your heart wall will be placed and a blueprint (a clear hand drawing is fine) of the exact measurements of your wall and any obstructions that may exist (ie. doorways, windows etc) that you would like us to design around.

Step 4:  Once you select the “Make My Collage” button you will be prompted to log in or register with if you haven't already.

Step 5:  You will then be directed to your cart. Double check your order before proceeding.

Step 6:  Once your order is submitted to us, we get started right away on your design! In 48 hours, you will receive an email notification from that will prompt you to view and approve your collage.

Step 7:  If you approve your collage, you will be asked to specify for us:

    a. What color scheme you would like your design printed: color, black/white, sepia.

    b. If you would like to upgrade to removable/repositionable wallpaper -- you will be charged a $3 per square foot extra for this upgrade. 

    c. What texture you would like your design to be printed on. They can be viewed here for traditional and here for repositionable. Please note all     Satara textures will require an extra charge due to the increased material cost. 

Step 8: Once you let us know, we will confirm that your design has officially been sent to our printing team to print. Within 2-3 weeks, you will receive an email with shipping information. If you, for some reason, do not receive this email, please let us know at

Q: I don't understand how to build a mosaic, can you please lay out the steps?

Sure thing. Let's take it step by step...

Step 1:  Go to the main Masterpiece Mosaic page and click on "Build My Mosaic!"

Step 2:  Then follow the prompts to upload your main photo (this is the large image that the rest of the little pictures will make up).

Step 3:  Then follow the prompts to upload all of the other images that will make up your main image.  TIP:  Keep in mind that patience is a virtue!!  Sometimes it's best to upload a large group of pictures (no more than 200 mb's at a time) and just walk away from your computer and let it do the work.  You will likely need to upload multiple times, depending on how many imagines you would like to use.

Step 4:  Once your uploads are complete click on the button that says "Make My Mosaic".

Step 5:  After your mosaic is generated you will be able to scroll down on the right of the screen and click on "Let's put it up on my wall!"

Step 6:  Once you see a blank wall take a moment to confirm your wall size, the paint colors of the other walls in your room.  Press next.

Step 7:  You then have the option to add fixtures and furniture using actual sizes if you'd like.  TIP:  This is highly recommended if you are concerned about multiple visual obstacles that exist in your space.  Press next.

Step 8:  Find your mosaic to the right of the wall and double click on it!  TIP:  If you would like to add text to your mosaic, now is the time to do so!

Step 9:  Click "Submit Job".

Step 10:  Name your project and click "Finish".  

Q: I don't understand how to build a mural, can you please lay out the steps?

No problem!  Although to us this is an easy process we do know that it can be a little intimidating for those of you attempting this for the first time, so here is the process laid out step by step.

Step 1:  Go to the main Miracle Mural page, fill in your wall size and click on "Build My Mural!"

Step 2:  Once you see a blank wall take a moment to confirm your wall size, the paint colors of the other walls in your room.  Press next.

Step 3:  You then have the option to add fixtures and furniture using actual sizes if you'd like.  TIP:  This is highly recommended if you are concerned about multiple visual obstacles that exist in your space.  Press next.

Step 4:  Then click on Upload to find your desired picture and click on "Choose File".  TIP:  Don't forget to check the box to confirm your copyright use of the image you selected.

Step 5:  Find your desired image to the right of the wall and double click on it!  TIP:  If you would like to add text to your mural, now is the time to do so!

Step 6:  Click "Submit Job".

Step 7:  Name your project and click "Finish".  

Wallpaper & Ink Quality:

Q: Is the ink safe for kids and/or pets?

Due to our love of our children, our homes and our clients we have decided to only use latex inks that are water-based, these inks are among the safest available today.  These latex inks meet a range of stringent human health criteria and are non-flammable, non-combustible and nickel free. Additionally, latex inks are water based which means they have no VOC's and no odor.  

Q: Is this wallpaper washable?

Yes, it is! My Heart Wall wallpaper is durable enough to be washed and touched without being ruined.

Q: What are the advantages/disadvantages of each type of wallpaper -- traditional vs. repositionable?

Traditional wallpaper is the classic wallpaper that needs a glue adhesive to be installed. The advantages of traditional wallpaper are that it is generally more affordable and comes in more texture options.The main disadvantage is that the wallpaper is permanent and therefore cannot be repositioned once installed.

Repositionable wallpaper is a self-adhesive wallpaper option, popularly known as a type of "peel and stick". My Heart Wall's repositionable wallpaper is thicker and of higher quality than most peel and stick wall decor sold online. The main advantage of repositionable wallpaper is that it can be removed and repositioned 5 to 7 times while still maintaining integrity in shape and quality. The main disadvantage of repositionable wallpaper is that it is $3 more per square foot and therefore is a more expensive option.

Q: What are wallpaper textures? How do I know which to choose?

Both the traditional and repositionable wallpaper have various textures they come in. You must choose one for your order before payment. As the name states, the various textures have different feels to them. The traditional wallpaper textures are different than the repositionable wallpaper textures. The traditional texture options can be viewed here, and the repositionable options can be viewed here.

The type of texture you should choose depends on both what photo(s) you are displaying and what type of wall you're displaying them on. Generally, our most popular traditional wallpaper option is Canvas because it is a medium texture that won't overpower or distract from the spirit of your heart wall. Our most popular respositionable option is Caviar because of its suede effect. If you have any issues picking a texture, feel free to reach out to us at

Q: How reusable is your repositionable wallpaper?

The key to the longevity of repositionable wallpaper is properly preparing your surface for installation.  The cleaner your surface is the more times you can reuse your wallpaper without seeing any imperfections!  Again, only if your surface is perfectly clean you can then expect to move it successfully 5-7 times!

Q: I don't own my home, so I worry about ruining the walls.  Is the repositionable wallpaper really an option for me?

Absolutely!  Due to the quality of this repositionable wallpaper there is a total lack of residue after you remove it from your walls!  This application is perfect for home renters, students in dorms or even for Moms that want to update their heart wall as their children grow up!  

Q: Does your wallpaper have a fire rating?

Our fire rating is Certified Type 2 and Class A.  In other words, it is not a fire accelerant unlike many lesser quality wallpapers available from other sources.

Q: Where does your wallpaper come from and where are the heart walls made?

All in the USA!  This allows us to give back to the communities we live in but also control our processes and our overall quality of output.

Wall Measuring:

Q: Do you have any tips on how I should measure my wall?  

We ask that all measurements be given to us using inches.  Also (especially important in older homes) take a few extra measurements from floor to ceiling and side to side, you may find that your wall is not completely square.  Always air on the side of caution and input your widest and highest measurements just to make sure that your personalized wallpaper is the perfect fit!  

Picture Selection Inquiries:

Q: I'm struggling with how to pick a main image for my mural.  Any suggestions?

Take a good look at your wall and consider the placement of any visual obstacles you may have present (ie. doorway, thermostat, large chair, tv etc).  Try and find a picture to use that has some negative space that corresponds with the location of these obstacles or simply crop your picture to accommodate this challenge.

Q: I'm struggling with how to pick a main image for my mosaic.  Any suggestions?  

Selecting the right main image for your mosaic will make a meaningful difference.  It's best to select a non-complex close up of faces, landscape or even text.  What you want to avoid is dark or washed out photos, intricate details and even group shots.  Additionally, it's advisable to consider the proportions of your wall and the image that you are considering.  For example, if your wall is 10' wide by 8' high an appropriate option might be 2000 pixels by 1600 pixels.

Q: Can I use whatever pictures I want?

Unfortunately we do not print just anything.  Our company honors copyright laws as well as a general high moral standard so things that we deem inappropriate will not be printed and we will return your payment.

Ordering & Shipping Questions:

Q: How soon will I get my heart wall?

Once you place your order it will take approximately 3-4 weeks for your heart wall to arrive at your home.  If you absolutely need your heart wall faster please don't hesitate to contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs.

Q: What is your return policy?

As with most personalized products our sales are final.  Please refer to our terms of sale for details.

Website & Technology Errors:

Q: I tried to use your program on my smart phone but it didn't really look right.  Am I doing something wrong?

Unfortunately no, our software was made to create a rather high design product for you so we suggest that you either use a tablet or a PC when creating your wall!

Q: I was really hoping that I could print my mural in a sepia tone, but I don't see that option.  How can I achieve this?

Glad you asked!  Take your original image for your mural and simply change it's color in photoshop.  Then save it on your device and upload your picture just the way you like it!

Q: I built a great mosaic but it looks blurry... what do I do?

Please make sure you stand back from your PC by around 4-5' to get the full effect of what your mosaic wallpaper will look like!

Mosaic Specific Questions:

Q: What size will my pictures be that make up the mosaic I just ordered?

Mosaics are made up of many pictures, the final count obviously depends on the size of your wall.  However, a good rule of thumb is that the pictures that make up your mosaic will measure between 1-2" square once you have the mosaic in hand.  That's approximately 36-72 photos in 1 sq ft!

Q: How many pictures should I upload to make my mosaic look best?

We recommend a minimum of 150 pictures per mosaic but feel free to upload as many as you would like and let our software do the work!

Q: I uploaded both horizontal and vertical pictures to populate my mosaic, but they all came back as squares in the design.  Did I do something wrong?

The only real way to create a mosaic is by using a grid for the design therefore all of the pictures are placed into a square grid pattern to achieve the overall look of a true mosaic, this pattern cannot be changed.

Q: I really wanted my mosaic to be black and white or a sepia tone.  Am I missing something?

No, unfortunately not.  Our software is very particular about the placement of your secondary pictures that make up your main image so we only offer mosaics in full color.

TIP:  One possible work around is to pick a main image that is already black and white or sepia in tone to get close to the effect you were hoping to achieve. Or even easier, just make all of your images black and white before uploading. Either way will work!