Commercial Wallpaper Applications

There is a lot of great work happening in a variety of businesses and institutions across the globe so why not let My Heart Wall help your organization visually capture and illuminate your accomplishments by creating custom wallpaper for your place of work?  When you create your custom wallpaper the options are endless, you could use your company logo, a picture of your organization’s founder or even a picture of your first location.  Whatever public statement you want to make about your business it can be accomplished through our custom wallpaper! 

My Heart Wall wallpaper has been developed with thoughtful consideration for potentially sensitive uses such as hospitals, senior living communities, schools and others.  The additional option of an anti-microbial wash (email for further information) will further the goal of keeping individuals protected while admiring the visual inspiration that My Heart Wall will provide.  Another option for consideration for commercial applications in particular is the upgraded removable and therefore repositionable wallpaper option.  This removable option offers long term flexibility as your business grows and your needs change!  Let My Heart Wall bring personality to the design of your institutional space!