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My Heart Wall is a Mother-Daughter owned company that was founded on the back of an incredibly inspirational and very personal story:

On New Year's Eve of 2014-2015 my husband and I finally closed on a family home that we felt was a place worthy of raising our miracle daughter!  Although the home was beautiful in terms of its structure, it also required major updating throughout.  I had designed many spaces before, but this project was different.  Every corner had to have personal meaning to my family.  Every selection was highly considered.  And it was often that I found myself saying that "I have poured my heart into this design" which was particularly true as I developed the concept for this personalized wallpaper!   

The end result of the project is the creation of My Heart Wall!  It's a beautiful, clean and timeless display of pictures of both sides of our families past and our little miracle daughter.  This wall of our family memories and experiences has truly become the heart of our home and evokes emotions in all of us every time we stop to look at it. Back in 2013, when our daughter (who I will refer to as Baby O) was born, she also required open heart surgery when she was just a few days old. It was an incredibly difficult time on all of us. Although it has been a long road I am beyond happy to say that she is thriving today and is one of the happiest children on this planet!  My Heart Wall is a celebration of my daughter and her joyful life!  

Pediatric cardiology is a very unique part of medicine that needs more awareness and support. Due to this need and our personal gratitude to those that saved our daughter's life and those that continue to care for her, every purchase from My Heart Wall will be coupled with an automatic donation to the continued efforts to improve the outcomes for children born with congenital heart defects. Our charitable organizations include the Heart Center of Texas Children's HospitalThe Pediatric Cardiology Department of the Cleveland Clinic, The Children's Heart Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Charities.  We truly hope that you not only love your Heart Wall but that you spread the word about the need for continued support of congenital heart defect advances. Together, we can save more lives.

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